Clock Mechanism Screensaver

Clock Mechanism Screensaver

New version of free clock screensaver

SaversPlanet Clock Mechanism screensaver provides a fascinating, old-world picture of an analog clock, whenever the PC starts. It's appearance resembles the grand old clock of the latter half of the 20th century. In the image the clock is represented by a big circular dial with golden Roman numerals. Hour and minute hands also appear in golden color, while the background is a navy-blue tinged, gray colored RUNNING clock mechanism.

The screensaver is free. When launching the installation file, one has the option to install the SaversPlanet community toolbar for Internet Explorer (IE) and/or Mozilla Firefox browser (see Screenshot 2). The toolbar contains a number of buttons for one-click access to a wide variety of websites providing info about local weather, connection to the Internet radio, Twitter/Facebook access etc. (for details see Screenshot 3). It's notable, that there are the e-mail notifier and browser speed test functions as well. The email notifier provides a centralized control/access to ALL of one's email accounts - Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL etc. (Screenshot 4). Browser speed test button will tell you how fast your browser works on the Internet (Screenshots 5 & 6).

It is the running clock mechanism that really catches one's attention at first sight. The idea of using an old-time analog clock in a screensaver seems brilliant because in our time it's an interesting object that is neither too outdated, nor too commonplace.

To conclude, one might very well say that if the purpose of a screensaver is to catch the viewer's attention and keep their eyes glued to the computer screen for a short time with something interesting to view, Savers Planet's clock mechanism screensaver serves that purpose quite excellently!

Raju Chacko
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  • Works on all Windows versions and all monitors(regardless of monitor resolution)
  • Optional) community toolbar available for Internet Explorer&Mozilla Firefox browsers. Toolbar e-mail notifier
  • Browser speed test


  • Not a single-step uninstall process . Standard uninstall removes only the screensaver. The toolbar requires a separate uninstall
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